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Default OT opening an Excel document stored on Google Drive

On 29/04/2021 17:59, Murmansk wrote:

Is she unable to download them to her PC from Google Drive?

That is by far the safest way to ensure no data loss.

Well I'd imagine she could but I think what we need is to be able to
go File, Open in Excel and choose a file that's stored in Drive in
the cloud somewhere just like you would if it was stored locally on
the hard drive.

I think she could do that from inside Excel and it would work.

However, if you do it that way then if anything goes wrong with your
network connection whilst the file is open you can potentially lose your
work. My wife has had problems with Cloud based documents not saving
correctly and reverting to a previous version in the corporate Office
online environment. Documents effectively vanish overnight (strictly
they open momentarily the next day and then self delete) most odd
behaviour. Never pinned it down completely but I suspect it was network
dropped and re-established with a new VPN session during a file save.

The only safe way is to duplicate the file that you are working on a
local hard drive alter it as required and then upload it. The Cloud is
not as stable as you might hope and network glitches can and do happen.

Our rural broadband is wet string quality speed so big Powerpoint
presentations with any video content in are impossible to modify. Ones
with many high resolution images in can take a few hours to download.

The official corporate branded background designed by clueless muppets
takes an insane number of megabytes for the null slide.

Martin Brown