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Default OT opening an Excel document stored on Google Drive

Humph, why the extra program, you don't see that on Dropbox you can work
either way as the drive software is in the desktop application as standard,
it used to be the same in Google drive in the old days.

Even on a smart phone where you only get the online mode without paying it
still works pretty well if you have the software on your phone be it
Microsoft or whatever, it just works.


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"Adrian Caspersz" wrote in message
On 29/04/2021 17:59, Murmansk wrote:

Is she unable to download them to her PC from Google Drive?

Well I'd imagine she could but I think what we need is to be able to go
File, Open in Excel and choose a file that's stored in Drive in the cloud
somewhere just like you would if it was stored locally on the hard drive.

She needs to install the Google Drive software on her PC to do just that.
It maps a local folder and handles its replication.

Otherwise, it's a matter of loading/uploading files via the web browser,
using an intermediate folder (which will get messy)

Adrian C