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Default [OT] 'Gravity is racist?'

and some people have too much time on their hands. Sio then both Russia and
American early rockets, should be discounted since their inventers were ex

One cannot change history, only acknowledge it, and learn and move on.
Also one has to also think about forgiveness, since you cannot try dead


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Gravity is racist? Sheffield Uni. wants disclaimers on Isaac Newton's
theories, says he benefited from 'colonial activity'

Newton's discoveries are not controversial, yet if the documents are to
be understood correctly, the fact that they were made during a time of
European colonialism makes them suspect. The "historical context" that
should be added to lessons is left unexplained, and it is not clear how
Newton may have benefited from "colonial-era activity."

Yet Newton isn't the only thinker being re-examined by the university.
Pioneering scientists like Paul Dirac, Pierre-Simon Laplace and
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz are all up for review.

'Decolonization' is a hot term among social justice-minded academics.
Put simply it involves rethinking the notion that Western science,
philosophy, and knowledge in general are superior to theories from the
non-Western world, and contribute to the "oppression" of this world.

It's been applied to history and political science, and invoked to
topple statues of famous figures considered offensive to modern tastes.
However, it's also been applied to some unlikely subjects. Academics
have argued that classical music, mathematics and ecology are all ripe
for "decolonization," on account of their domination by the white West.


Also contains links to:

It's now 'white, male and elite' to spell properly, say woke UK

Writing music down like Mozart did is 'white hegemony', proposed reform
of Oxford's curriculum reportedly claims.