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Default Tidy?

On Thu, 29 Apr 2021 13:50:48 +0100, Andrew


You really are thick aren't you? Get your carer to explain where to
you, just from the text left in this post.

Please answer the question !

Go fcuk yourself!

I am *out* there, in the real world where there are 7,800,000,000 people
who need food to survive.

Yup, and where millions are already hungry in spite of the massive and
unsustainable destruction of massive areas of the planet in the
attempt to grow food for more animals than people in the bogus hope it
will make matters better (when it clearly doesn't).

This is what animals are for, and always have

What, they were put here millions of years before we were to build up
a stock for us to eat?

The business of feeding all those people is a significant part of
the worlds GDP and employment (and tax revenues to pay your 'free' NHS
and pension)

What, and you think feeding them on plants is going to be any

Give the very rough guide of 'meat and two veg' suggests we are
already eating veg as 2/3rds of our food intake as veg and what are
you feeding the meat on, troll dust?

The *would* is moving towards a more plant based diet weather you like
it or not so you might as well give out flapping yer gums at me and
get some good animal carcase eating in while you still can.

We are *told* (not by me) to eat '5 or more veg a day' and we are told
(not by me) to cut down our meat intake (especially red / processed)
and we are told (not by me) that we should (all) focus on a plant
based diet, not by me,but all those who have a grasp on the real world
(so not you etc).

Now, what tiny subset of all the animal species you *could* eat, do
you actually eat ...

Cheers, T i m