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Default Tidy?

On Thu, 29 Apr 2021 13:44:13 +0100, Andrew

On 27/04/2021 13:15, T i m wrote:
On Tue, 27 Apr 2021 12:21:25 +0100, Andrew

On 26/04/2021 15:34, T i m wrote:

No, they would be allowed to live out their natural lives after being

Who pays for that ?. Ain't free or cheap.

Anyone who actually cares for animals. Same as with any 'rescue'

You are clueless.

Yeah, right ....

There are millions of animals alive and part
of the food chain.

'Food mesh' and what's your point? Oh, did you think we would just
stop killing them and let those ones in the process of being 'farmed'

And how more tax are you, personally prepared to pay ?, in order
to feed them,

They would look after themselves (sheep in these areas I'm told we
can't otherwise use). People offering to let them live out their
natural lives in return for the cows cutting their grass (as they are
doing now).

No they don't 'look after themselves'.

Many can.

Are you going to let them all
roam free in national parks because in case you hadn't noticed, most
land in the UK is privately owned.

Nope ... and it further demonstrates what a stupid troll you are that
anyone would even think such.

You don't use a 3/4 tonne dairy
cow to cut your grass,

Strange that people do all over the world.

unless you want it to look like the Somme
during wet weather.

Oh, no chance of bringing them in at that point then?

Where are they going to be kept during the winter ?.

Same as normal, outside in many cases (for those that ever see the
outside etc).

Who is going to spend a fortune on fertiliser to grow grass for silage
or hay, who is going to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on
the heavy duty machinery needed to cut, dry, bale, double-chop and
move it into storage ?.

Ask any farmer who has given his livestock to a rescue rather that
slaughtering them.

Please don't bother with 'let them roam freely' argument, because
you cannot allow dairy bulls to roam free. They are dangerous.

See above. 5 years on, all gone.

They live a lot longer than 5 years.

'Dairy bulls' ... yeah, there are millions of them aren't there. Most
are shot in the head at birth or within the first year.

High performance Dairy Bulls
are valuable animals.

Yes, because of the exploitation of them. Forced to produced sperm
using an electro stimulator inserted into their anus ... all very

They are very dangerous animals too.

No more than any other 'big' animal. More people are killed by
(herbivore) hippos than anything else.

By law
they have to be contained and well away from the public,

It's funny that large bulls are often shown by small girls, because of
how placid they are. It's the smaller stuff or cows with calves you
might have to watch. Or any of them as you are trying to get a bolt
gun on their head in the confines of a 'knocking box'.

or are
you suggesting that such animals should be abandoned in Epping forest
or Hyde park ?.


Totally clueless idiocy.

Yup, but then you suggested it so what would you expect.

There is no 'free' NHS for anaimals,

Of course there is. Vets are obliged to look after injured wild
animals and there are plenty of rescues that are funded by supporters
(so the animals don't have to pay).

No they aren't.

Maybe not where your bridge is located.

"Treating injured wildlife

Like all veterinary practices, if a wild animalís life is in danger
and they are injured or sick we will always provide emergency care,
regardless of their species."


Just because vets occasionally treat some injured
wild animals for free does not extend to treating millions of
abandoned farm animals for free.

Never said it does? There won't be 'millions of farm animals' after
even 1 year!

Grow up.

Oh the irony.

Without any farm animals
there won't be any need for anything like the number of vets we
have now.

QED If they cannot earn a living from farm animals many
will go abroad.

Oh, you think this is going to be a UK only thing? There are more
vegans (proportionally if not numerically) in the likes of Auz than
the UK.

Most of our Vetinary colleges would close.

Why, what will happen to all the pets and wild animals?

Fewer livestock, more room for the displaced wildlife to return to
their natural habitats and we will still be hurting them with our cars

Who would
want to be a vet with no prospect of work ?.

Sorry, did you have a point there? Who would want to be a slave
traders doctor, or wheelwright, or foxhound keeper or badger baiter?

Without large animals
to train on, the only skills they would have is working with pets.

What, there won't be any cows *anywhere*?

It won't take long for all the knowledge of large animals to be
lost, permanently.

You do talk a load of (desperate) bollox don't you. What do you think
we were doing *before* we started farming more livestock than there
were people on the planet? Were all these vets being bred in a big
shed somewhere?

You must be almost down the earths core now in the deep, deep hole you
are digging into *?.*

Aw bless ... mirroring much. And what do they say:

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

Thanks! ;-)

Cheers, T i m