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Default general purpose fill rod for OA

On 4/28/2021 9:27 AM, Cydrome Leader wrote:
Is RG45 the most generic/general purpose fill rod that can be used on
boring low-carbon steels like A36 or rebar?

I'd be using oxy-acetylene. Just want something real plain for patching up
what's basically scrap steel. I last used ER70s on real thin wire and
sheets, but that was a while ago.

Any specific real-life reasons to pick one over the other for non-critical

I welded a lot of stuff with an OA rig and a clothes hanger when I was
younger. Its not really a big deal for A36 or other mild steel. Rebar
is less consistent as to carbon content so who knows. As you say non
critical so if it sticks it sticks.

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