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Default Dimming an LED

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Dave Plowman (News) wrote:
Think it's generally known that dimming a tungsten bulb reduced its
efficiency dramatically. In other words, a 100w dimmed to half
used a lot more electricity than a 50w on full. Although dimming did
extend the life of the bulb.

So how about LEDs? Since they generate far less heat are they still as
efficient when dimmed? And does dimming make a difference to their life?

Until they can make the colour temperature of LEDs drop as they dim, Ive
decided Im going to just avoid using dimmers with LEDs as the just look
ghastly as the dim IMO.

Why would you want the colour temperature of an LED to drop as it is

He prefers that effect.

I know it is an unavoidable side-effect of dimming a tungsten bulb, but I
don't see why you would want it to happen unless you couldn't avoid it. I
like the fact that LEDs keep the same colour as they dim.

I do too, I hate the very yellow effect.

I just wish LED bulbs could be dimmed further: most bulbs (eg Philips Hue)
have a minimum brightness below which they go out altogether. It makes
them less useful as a very dim night light.

I dont need a very dim night light.