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On Wed, 28 Apr 2021 09:33:33 +0100, PeterC


Wheel is sound, holes/axle worn, probably easy to do a bodge

Yeah, they can work, given a fair wind and a splodge of grease. ;-)

(I had a
Vincent where the forks' bushes had bits of oil can wrapped round them!).

Luckily they only oscillate though a few degrees so often easier on
any repair than anything that fully rotates. Nice fix though. ;-)

I've decided against Walsall for two reasons:
Puncture-proof tyre started to fail after a few months; Waslsall no help

And that's the thing, the after sales service / attitude. 'Sorry sir,
it could be a bad tyre, let us send you a new one and see how you get
on with that ...' etc.

Not made for me - small grips

That was something I was thinking re the skinning with fibreglass, if
the tube diameter was already 'substantial' and the solution made them
'too big' (and there is such a thing).

and 'feet' close together so that easy to
catch with big feet (tick) and long legs (tick), according to reviews.

Yup, been there with all sorts of wheeled garden kit and it really
makes stuff difficult to mange comfortably (short steps / back

I'll go for one of these:
I don't know why the difference in price.

Flatproof V std inflated tyre?

Some of the 'plastic' ones look good, but the pans are too fragile.

And that's the thing isn't it, it really needs to be able to 'take'
anything you might throw at it (literally and within reason) without
breaking (even the steel will dent etc). At least being able to
collect up a pile of bricks and lob them in, from a couple of m away
and in the cold.

I'm guessing most of the plastic ones would be used in gardens or
where you are only likely to be carrying cement and want to be able to
knock it out when left in the barrow overnight. ;-)

Cheers, T i m

p.s. Daughter got a pretty heavy barrow just before she closed her
Tree Surgery business and it's round Mums (unused). I'll have to check
it out when I go round there next.