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On Wed, 28 Apr 2021 12:32:00 +0100, Tim Lamb


Complete fact, as you have since been told by someone who knows (a


Sorry for bursting your bubble.

I don't think there is disagreement here Fred. The Wiki article is North
American based but points to surplus kills in both intended and *frenzy*
attacks. Mink are said to do it here and I have seen dead Mallards laid
out in a row.

It's as if they have never experienced the real world and it's obvious
they haven't actually lived 'in the country' (as you have / do) and so
base their understanding of everything on what happened to some bloke
in the pub. ;-(

Even a domestic dog will collect and bury a treats if they don't want
to eat them straight away, strange to us when no one is going to take
them away. They will also 'frenzy' kill rats but not eat any of them,
or eat all of them, given time / hunger. However, whilst they may gain
some adrenalin from 'the chase', they don't get 'pleasure' from the
actual kill (it's simply instinct), in the same way as most abattoir
workers don't, versus most trophy hunters who do. Most animals do have
the range of taste buds that we do (just as well when you see the
stuff they sometimes eat) so it's really only us who choose to kill
and eat animal flesh, just because we like the taste (and why we don't
eat many species, especially raw).

Or take the killer whale. It will both straight kill and eat a seal or
'play with it' (in just the same way a domestic cat might with a mouse
or bird), maybe not even killing or eating it itself afterwards,
especially when training it's young to hunt.

I saw some footage the other day when a wild pig walked accidentally
straight past a pride of sleeping lions (that had recently eaten) and
it was all they could be bothered to do to look up and watch it (it
scared the cr*p out of the pig though). ;-)

Raven work with wolves (who could easily predate on them) to indicate
a carcass so that the wolves rip it open allowing the raven to eat
easier (and store some food for later). The raven are also known to
play with the wolf cubs and even befriend them.

So, the trolls would translate all that as they 'always do' or 'always
don't', whichever seems to work out in opposition of what I've said.

I guess I should be flattered they are so focused on everything I say,
it does suggest they are also a bit sad. ;-(

Cheers, T i m