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Default Why aren't all window hinges like this?

On 28/04/2021 10:39, nightjar wrote:
On 24/04/2021 12:48, GB wrote:

I was recently helping my son in law get his flat ready to sell, and I
noticed that the Critall metal windows have unusual hinges, like in
the photo.* These are similar to parliament hinges.

The effect is that, with the window open there's a gap at the hinge
side that's wide enough to get your arm through for cleaning the
outside of the window.

That's such a simple idea, and so easy to implement that I'm surprised
it's not more commonplace.

Replacement windows I have had fitted open inwards, making the outside
even easier to clean.

But meaning that you have to remove any pot plants or ornaments.

I had a conversation with an elderly French woman some years ago and we
talked about this. She liked the idea of opening outwards, but worried
about cleaning. When I told her that we have a window cleaner who comes
round once a month to do it, she thought it a wonderful idea!