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"T i m" wrote in message
On Tue, 27 Apr 2021 20:48:40 -0000 (UTC), Radio Man

Foxes and many other animals are 'opportunistic hunters / scavengers
and will often kill / collect what they can and hide / bury some of it
to consume later.

Utter BS.

Complete fact, as you have since been told by someone who knows (a

Anyone who has had their chicken coup raided by a fox will tell you

What, that many animals are opportunistic hunters and will often
take any 'surplus' kills and bury them for later? Nope, 100% fact.

In fact not many animals do that.

Can some animals, when they come across them in an unnatural
unsuitably protected enclosed space [1], (like chickens, 'cooped
up' in a cage) may go into a frenzy and kill them all? Of course.

Bull****. And we know that dogs do behave like that with sheep in a paddock.

Could the then be disturbed and not eat anything
there or take anything away, again, of course.

More mindless bull****.

Do some animals appear to kill but not take / eat their catch, of
course. This can be part of them honing their skills or providing
food for others of their kind or their own offspring, or even training
their offspring (as can be seen with killer whales 'playing' with a seal).

More mindless bull****.

reams of your even sillier **** flushed where it belongs