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Default OT: Car battery volt drop

In article , Roger Hayter
On 27 Apr 2021 at 10:51:14 BST, ""Dave Plowman" News)"

In article , Roger Hayter
On 26 Apr 2021 at 11:11:29 BST, ""Dave Plowman" News)"

In article , alan_m
I once had disks and pads replaced by a local garage and years
later when replacing the pads myself found that the low pad wires
had not been connected - they had been neatly coiled up and cable
tied safely out of the way.

Most brake pad warning systems show an error if the sensors aren't

That may be true of more sophisticated cars but the two Fords I had
about 10 and fifteen years ago simply had a single wire that was
open circuit until the pad contact wore down to short it to earth.
So they had no idea whether they were connected.

The connector between the sensor and the loom usually has a link in
it. No sensor connected, no circuit. It's like that on my ancient
Rover. Most modern ones have a loop as a sensor.

The Ford ones didn't. It was a one pin connector. And the pads were
normally o/c. No resistor or anything, apart from the pads not having a
reliable earth path anyway.

OK. Poor design if it doesn't give you a warning things ain't right,

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