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On Tue, 27 Apr 2021 05:01:53 +0100, Adrian Caspersz wrote:

On 25/04/2021 14:18, Bob Eager wrote:

I find it well worth while, but the membership criteria are weird. If
you have a business you are straight in (and a little more cheaply).
Otherwise it's a bit over 30 quid a year, and I probably save that just
on cat food! But individual membership is limited to (well, quite a lot
of people). All public servants, education (I qualify) and various
other stuff (I qualify again as a chartered engineer).

In their home stores the other side of the pond, there is none of this.
Anyone can have a Costco membership.

The UK is perhaps strange, they must be protecting themselves from
problem customers or practising something that ensures the well heeled
get better rewarded with supply and discounts.

You don't have to be well heeled; the criteria don't guarantee that at

The one I go to is in Essex, and if I just say that the Costco is full of
'Essex girls' and 'Essex lads', I am not being derogatory to all Essex
people. But a lot of the occupations allowed don't have high pay scales.

Mind, some of the Essex lads are bricklayers, so, yes, they are well

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