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Default Elbow Grease - weird rash

"S Viemeister" wrote in message
On 26/04/2021 21:16, Steve Walker wrote:
On 26/04/2021 21:02, Brian Gaff (Sofa) wrote:
Would you not expect it to be all gone in the rinse stage though? If not
are replacing one sort of muck with another sort of muck called washing
powder. I use those balls of liquid now, much less mess and then use
slightly diluted comfort. This seems not to cause any issues.

Unfortunately the performance standards for washing machines only include
electricity used per cycle, water used per cycle and how clean the
clothes get - and this is tested on an Eco cycle that takes so long that
you will never use it, unless you are going to leave it running overnight
(our new machine takes 4-1/2 hours or more on that setting).

There is no assessment of how well the clothes are rinsed and so
manufacturers use the minimum amount of water and rinses that they can
get away with.

Even our old machine would throw soapy water on the glass door during the
final spin and leave a pool of bubbly water in the door seal.

This is why I always set my washer to do an extra rinse - it also helps to
get rid of the perfumes they add.

Our washing machine has a 30-minute wash/rinse/slow-spin cycle. It also has
a dedicated rinse-only cycle... which takes 40 minutes. I presume the latter
is a *lot* more thorough with its rinsing - either it sloshes the clothes in
the same rinse water for longer or else it has more empty/fill cycles.

Washing powder versus capsules of liquid... Do the liquid capsules really
dissolve that much better? I've occasionally had clothes that still have a
bit of concentrated liquid in a fold after a wash/rinse/spin programme,
whereas I don't remember ever having clothes with powder gunge on them. If
the powder doesn't fully dissolve, the gunge remains in the drawer and
doesn't seem to make it into the drum and into contact with the clothes. My
wife went through a phase of using "soap nuts" in a plastic "egg". It
probably got the clothes as clean as a capsule, but the absence of any
perfume meant there was nothing to mask the smell of stale "soap nuts" after
they had been used a few times - the nuts are barely soluble so they don't
have to be replaced with every new load of washing.