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Default Elbow Grease - weird rash

Well, bad luck then you are obviously allergic slightly to some component
used in that liquid. Does it list what is actually in it?



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Harry Bloomfield; "Esq." wrote in message
For several months now, I have had an ongoing itchy rash on the back of
both hands, close to the area of my thumbs. For quite a while, I have been
racking my brain trying to work out what might be causing it. My best
guess was washing up, but I have always done at least my share of that.
Then I realised the rash appeared when we swapped from Fairy, to Elbow
Grease liquid - as it seemed to be just as good and a little cheaper.

On Thursday in the interests of experimentation, I picked up a 2L bottle
of Fairy and have used that in the days since then (SWMBO is away). The
rash now seems to have almost gone.