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Default Smart Water Meters

"Mark Carver" wrote in message
I read some gumf the other day, saying Arqiva are rolling out a comms
system for Smart Water meters (it's the meters that are presumably smart,
not the water)

What is a smart meter, have I already got one ? The present one has some
sort of RFID functionality I assume, coz the van from South East Water
drives up our road, emitting a signal, that causes the meters to 'ping'
back their readings ?

So, are these meters going to be the same ones used for the smart
metering, or will they come and change my meter (for the third time in 10
years now !)
And if they are the same ones, how on earth will the magic 10 megawatt ERP
signal from Arqiva reach my meter that's 600mm below the ground ?