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Default Regarding charging (batteries, not customers)

"Dave Plowman (News)" wrote:
In article ,
williamwright wrote:
When parked the van is normally on mains. After a few days the ammeters
and voltmeters will read roughly as follows:
V: 24.4V, -0.01A
A: 27.8V, +0.15A
B: 28.1V, +0.30A
C: 14.6V, +0.03A

IMHO. 14.6v is far too high a voltage to float a 12v battery at. But if
this was accurate, I'd expect more than 30mA to be flowing.

I have a checked and accurate volt meter sitting across the battery on the
old Rover. After a cold start the modern 100 amp alternator will read
14.6v, but quite quickly reduces that voltage. It stabilises at 13.8v
after some time.

I agree, somewhere around 14.5v is the terminal (as in final) voltage
to fully charge a nominal 12v lead acid battery. The charger should
then drop back to something like 13.5v, 'float' voltage, to maintain
the battery.

The exact voltages will vary with temperature and the exact type of

Chris Green