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Default Regarding charging (batteries, not customers)

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williamwright wrote:
When parked the van is normally on mains. After a few days the ammeters
and voltmeters will read roughly as follows:
V: 24.4V, -0.01A
A: 27.8V, +0.15A
B: 28.1V, +0.30A
C: 14.6V, +0.03A

IMHO. 14.6v is far too high a voltage to float a 12v battery at. But if
this was accurate, I'd expect more than 30mA to be flowing.

I have a checked and accurate volt meter sitting across the battery on the
old Rover. After a cold start the modern 100 amp alternator will read
14.6v, but quite quickly reduces that voltage. It stabilises at 13.8v
after some time.

FWIW, I found connecting that voltmeter to a more convenient part of the
wiring harness gave a very different reading to that across the battery.
So ran new and separate cabling (positive and ground) just to it direct
from the battery. With a relay to isolate it when the engine is stopped.

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