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Default MDPE fittings, the good the bad and the ugly

On 25/04/2021 12:16, Chris Green wrote:
Roger Hayter wrote:

Pushing the MDPE pipe into the standard O-ring sealed fittings
seems more difficult than it should be, I've not found it so
difficult before, am I getting feebler (probably) or is there
something I can do to make it easier?

I guess it's mostly down to less accessibility than I've had on
previous occasions, slightly too big Floplast inserts and a mixture of
brands of fittings.

Any advice or comiserations would be very welcome! :-)

Did you use silicone spray, and chamfer the tube ends a bit?

I've started using silicone spray as I had a can on the shelf, it does
seem to help a bit but I've not had to use it before. I've not been
chamfering either, it shouldn't be necessary should it really? I'm
using a 'knife type' pipe cutter so the ends are very clean with no

Another +1 for silicone spray on tight plastic joints. One issue with
O-rings is that once you damage them you risk having a flow path.