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Default MDPE fittings, the good the bad and the ugly

On 25/04/2021 09:44, Chris Green wrote:

One tee, two elbows and an in-line tap, simple - no.

Various problems:-

I bought some floplast inserts from Screwfix, they are too tight
in the MDPE I have, you can't push them in by hand and so when
they need to go somewhere a bit inaccessible they are a complete
pain. The older (white rather than black) inserts I have go in
much more easily. I've ordered some more, not Floplast, inserts

Not really that relevant, but I have found the floplast fittings for
15mm pipe are also a bit on the tight side for my liking - taking quite
significant force to get the pipe inserted to the right depth.

ISTR the last time I did MDPE it was fine - but that was defnitely not



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