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Default MDPE fittings, the good the bad and the ugly

On 25/04/2021 09:44, Chris Green wrote:

Now I am trying to tee off an existing feed ...

Many moons ago, visiting an ex girlfriend's parents, her dad was trying
to get mains water to his greenhouses, he'd worked out where the supply
to a row of terraces was and dug down to get at the pipe.

The plan was to turn the water off for as brief a time as possible*, cut
the pipe, tee off, back on.

*Given that for obvious reasons this was being done in a clandestine
manner and on a strict need to know basis.

I can't remember exactly the make up of the fittings but there was a
screw on locking collar that needed to go over the pipe *first* before a
ring and an insert but in the necessary haste he'd omitted this,
realised his error and couldn't get the other bits off/out of the pipe
to rectify.

Hilarity ensued while half the village probably wondered why they were
without water, me face down in the hole at arms length with a kettle of
hot water and a variety of whacking and prising implements.