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On 24/04/2021 20:31, pinnerite wrote:

I am shortly to move to a bungalow that needs a lot of TLC.
I want to ensure that we do sometghing to counteract hard water.

Your choices are limited to a water softener for where it really makes a
difference or accepting a reduced lifetime of kettle elements and
immersion heaters. It depends just how hard the water really is.

It is either a water softener or an inhibitor,
Do the latter actually work?

Only up to a point by making the calcium more soluble but at the risk of
corroding the central heating system. Things that make calcium more
soluble tend to make iron and copper more soluble too.

Recommendations please.

Forget about any of the clamp on magnetic ******** so frequently
advertised. They are nothing more than solid snake oil.

Martin Brown