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Default Air vents under conservatory cost

On 23/04/2021 18:27, Jeff Layman wrote:
On 23/04/2021 17:58, John Rumm wrote:
On 23/04/2021 15:15, PaulJoe wrote:

The house I'm moving into needs air vents adding under the conservatory
to ventilated the suspended flooring in the ground floor. Can anyone
give me an estimate of cost please?

Well when I needed to add some under floor ventilation here is cost me
about £3 / air brick and probably 10 mins work each.

It'll obviously need the con floor
lifting and replacing. Thanks!

Why obviously? Normally air brick style vents are fitted from the

Typically you would remove a brick, then mortar in a vent in its place.

When we had extra air vents added to the house wall the polystyrene ball
insulation poured out when the brick was removed! The OP's conservatory
wall might have the same issue.

It may also need some work where the conservatory meets the original
house to make sure there is an air flow across the whole conservatory
floor and still across the whole house floor.

The amount of work required may also depend on the height of the
conservatory's damp proof course above ground level and that of the
conservatory floor. A stepped air brick may be required.

Is it just need for ventilation to just prevent condensation or also for
dispersal of ground gases (Radon)?

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