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Default How much discount do tradesmen get?

On 23/04/2021 07:52, Chris J Dixon wrote:
alan_m wrote:

I considered RS to be expensive in the first place but for a business
prompt next days delivery can be very important.

They also had an interesting policy: if you ordered and there was
no stock, that was the end of it, they wouldn't schedule
subsequent delivery, they simply cancelled the order.

This meant that whilst they were very handy for getting stuff for
immediate use, we were banned from ever using them for production


I worked for a Marconi company who were notorious for not paying bills
until the last moment (plus some) and while Radio Spares were good for
immediate delivery in a development environment when the bills were
overdue all shipments stopped for a week or more. I do wonder how much
money this actually cost the company with design engineers being more
idle than necessary due to the lack of components, and with no prior
warning about delays.

There was a time when we referred to Radio Spares as Reject Spares when
when they over-wrote the manufactures identity and part number on the
top of ICs with their own code number. Although their code number could
be removed with a solvent cleaner it showed that the same RS part was
assigned to chips from different manufacturers and with different
specifications (speeds etc.) and in one case to the "same" generic IC
from two different manufactures only one of which had a known bug with a
documented work around.

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