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Default How much discount do tradesmen get?

On 22/04/2021 22:17, alan_m wrote:
On 22/04/2021 20:32, newshound wrote:

Agreed. Forty plus years ago many "trade" counters would not serve the
general public at all. I worked for the CEGB and my site purchasing
department would, on request, give you a "trade note" that said
something like "Supply goods as requested for cash payment". The
discount on their "book" price was typically 35%. But their book price
was usually better than the sheds of the day too. More recently a mate
of mine had a Radiospares account for his business. IIRC his discount
was also 35% on their catalogue price.

I considered RS to be expensive in the first place but for a business
prompt next days delivery can be very important.

Next day? I once paid (on expenses) £25 for a timer relay from R.S. and
£90 for delivery, by a motorcycle courier, within an hour. A bakery
production line was shut down waiting for it!