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Default Damp due to neighbour's garage being sloped and driveway raised.

On Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 2:15:07 PM UTC+1, Sophi wrote:
Would anyone be able to take a quick look at the attached pictures and give your opinion on what can be done? And also what cost we would be looking at?
1) The neighbour's drive runs off towards our garage and has caused big damp issues as you can see. Surveyor also said the garage smelt of fresh paint when he investigated.
2) Neighbours garage runs off to the side of the house - The drainage is poor and might also be causing issues down that section of the house that the surveyor couldn't get to.

Any advice would be massively appreciated.

For full context, visit

First off if including pictures try to put the various URLs in one post. If Homeowners hub only allows one photo per post then use something like Dropbox.

That garage should not have been built like that not allowing for guttering or not using flashing at the roof wall interface. A lot depends on how co-operative your neighbour is and if not how much you are prepared to commit to a legal remedy.

If however you are left with no choice but to solve the problem yourself then my remedy would be to use lead flashing bound into your wall and extended as far as the second row of tiles on your neighbours garage. Try and slope it so it either drains to the back or front of the garage at which point you could fashion a bit of overhanging lead into a short channel/spout to enable you to catch the water in a hopper on top of a drainpipe. It will mean working off your neighbours garage roof but he cannot complain having erected a structure that prevents you from maintaining that part of your property.