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Default Windows 10 account issue

Do you have any anti virus stuff, or cookie and other malware cleaner or ill
conceived settings for Ccleaner?
I've seen this if registry or certain files get mucked about with. As a
matter of interest, if you set it up to go straight into a default account
with no prompt, does it revert to asking for info?


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"Tricky Dicky" wrote in message
I keep getting an issue after logging on with a pop up message appearing
saying there is a problem with my account. On acting on the message up comes
a window repeating the message and a button to fix the problem. On pressing
the fix button I am asked to input my PIN again, the same one I have already
typed in to log in. Entering the pin solves the problem for a while but
after a few log ins the same happens again. Is there a cure or is it
something I have to live with?