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Default A solid state replacement for the lowly 2D21 Thyratron tube...(sorry for the On-Topic post!)

"John Robertson" wrote in message

Between the forces of good and the Evil Empire they must have made
bajillions of these things. Why OP not buy a gross from Russia? Just
sitting in their boxes in a dry environment the shelf life might be
measured in centuries. p

Where's the fun in that? As I said, I know I can still get new tubes. The
problem is the system doesn't work well...

I had a look at the pdf and the schematic looks like a typical work of art
from that era.

So you could probably get a solid state equivalent designed if you wanted to
pay a designer with the necessary experience to do it.
I'm not offering but I'd need the hardware in the same room as me to have
any chance.

John ;-#)#
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