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Default OT: Windows 10 account issue

On 21/04/2021 20:59, SH wrote:
On 21/04/2021 20:43, newshound wrote:
On 21/04/2021 19:58, Tricky Dicky wrote:
I keep getting an issue after logging on with a pop up message
appearing saying there is a problem with my account. On acting on the
message up comes a window repeating the message and a button to fix
the problem. On pressing the fix button I am asked to input my PIN
again, the same one I have already typed in to log in. Entering the
pin solves the problem for a while but after a few log ins the same
happens again. Is there a cure or is it something I have to live with?


I get something very like this too, I suspect it might be because I
have two different "outlook" emails as well as an MS account for my
Office subscription, and something is getting confused somewhere.
Periodically, I try to align the accounts and then give up in despair.

Did you ever sign up to a "free" Office 365 account with one set of user
name and password

and then

later sign up for a Paid Office365 account?

Windows 10 then gets into a tizzy about the two Office 365 accounts,
particularly if one of them is linked to yoru Windows 10 account at MS.

I'm pretty sure I went straight to a Paid For one.

This seems to be the nearest that MS has as a Help page

And it is crap. Instead of all the links to the different flavours of
account, they really need a smart form that says "tick all of these that

Using Windows 10 on one machine
Using Windows 10 on multiple machines
Using earlier versions of Windows
Having an Outlook email
Using OneDrive
Using Office 365 free
Using Office 365 paid
(maybe there are some more)

and then tells you how to set up the right sort of account, and guides
you through consolidating/linking any existing accounts so that you only
need one MS ID and password.

Of course some people like System Managers may need multiple accounts,
but as a basic end-user I just want one.

I'd also quite like to go back to the old days where I have a different
password on my Laptop and Desktop. At present, the login to these is via
the same MS/Windows account. OK it is handy that this means they both
see the same OneDrive.

I also have Google and Facebook accounts, as well as an Apple one.