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"Dave Plowman (News)" wrote in

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JohnP wrote:
"Dave Plowman (News)" wrote in

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JohnP wrote:
The fitting was served by a dimmer - as this was under loaded I
was getting flickering so I bought a V-PRO LED Dimmer Module.

I was annoyed to find that the brightness when set at full on is
slightly reduced.

There is an insertion loss with any dimmer. On tungsten too.

But why can't it be set up so that when the potentiometer is full on
- the dimmer circuitry is bypassed?

All semiconductors insert a slight loss. To totally eliminate this
you'd likely need a mechanical switch to bypass the electronics.

So saying, the electronics in an LED should get round any insert loss
from the dimmer. Since you're using a V-Pro, are you sure you've
programmed it to go up to max?

Yes - tried the 3 modes and the max / min settings. Their Tech Dept told me
to expect some loss. Not impressed.

I have reverted to a conventional MK Dimmer and have put one halogen with 4
LEDs in the fixture. Seems a lot better.