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Default merge point rule

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On Tue, 20 Apr 2021 05:02:22 -0700 (PDT), polygonum_on_google

On Tuesday, 20 April 2021 at 12:09:05 UTC+1, fred wrote:
Two lanes merging into one. Arrows clearly define which lane merges
into which. At the merge point who has the right of way ?
I only ask because in certain parts of the country if a lane is
closing and prior warning is being given all the sheep immediately
abandon the about to be closed lane. Same sheep take great umbrage if
one tries to merge at the head of the queue as recommended. (i..e)
Zip merge as opposed to a comb merge)
To me the obvious choice should be a one to one merge at the merge
point but lots of pillocks take offence.

One to one merge at the point could be a good idea. But only if the
vehicles in BOTH lanes have double the gap that would usually be
required for the speed/weather/etc. Otherwise, at and after the point
of merge, they end up having too small gaps. Also, only really can
work if speeds are pretty much the same in both lanes.

Further, if there are are plenty of large gaps, is there a reason to
defer merging until the merge point?

In other places I know where there is a merge in turn arrangement,
there is often plenty of road ahead in case it is needed. If you wait
until the last moment to merge, then any slight mistake by anyone
results in much braking and annoyance.

What is, in my view, wholly unacceptable, is for those in the right
lane to whizz past lots of slow or stationary vehicles and expect
positive action to be let in.

They've been doing work near the roundabout at Amesbury on the A303.
Going east the signs say use both lanes. Last time I went past the
traffic had merged about 5/600 yards before the merge point. Given the
instructions I continued (at reduced speed in case someone decided to
pull out) down to the merge point, found a gap, indicated and moved
into the line with no problems. (I don't drive an Audi, BMW, Range
Rover .........).

What would have had me do, given the sign telling me to use both

Good for you. Just what I would have done and have done many times.