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Default *Five* wire overhead mains cables

In article , Steve Walker
On 17/04/2021 10:50, Robin wrote:
On 17/04/2021 10:03, ARW wrote:
On 17/04/2021 09:43, charles wrote:
In article ,
*** ARW wrote:
On 17/04/2021 08:15, Andy Burns wrote:
ARW wrote:


insulating spacers to stop the phases getting too close in the wind?

Yep. I see it when I look further down.

And a customer sent me this last week %A9

before the days of H&S. No hard hats, no harnesses, even the club hammer
had to safety chain* ----- mmmm

This one has a bloke in a suit going up the pylon

The man's got no bloody tie on! Shoddy dress leads to shoddy work.

That's early H&S - you wouldn't want him to risk catching the tie and
hanging himself!

Or setting fire to his tie with his fag.