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Default Trailer Relay

Brian Gaff (Sofa) wrote

So what is this supposed to do?

Tell you if the trailer indicators arent working.

If its just so direction and hazard indicators on the trailer work,
normally these seem to be part of the standard connection and run in
parallel with the cars ones just like all the other lights do.

However if its an indication only that a trailer is hooked up


that would be easy to achieve with a link in the plug when its attached.

Some car stuff seems to be unreasonably complicated for what its supposed
to do..

"Chris Holmes" wrote in message

Back in the dark ages I had a Rover 214 with a tow bar. But it didn't
an indicator to show when you had a trailer attached.

It was possible to buy a replacement indicator relay which had an extra
output to light a bulb on the dash when it detected that there was an
bulb in parallel with the indicators.

How would this have worked? Would all of the indicator current have been
sent through the coil that activated the switch for the extra contact,
only when the extra bulb was connected would the current be sufficient to
throw the switch?

Or something else?