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Default Electric vehicles

Adrian Caspersz wrote
jon wrote
Broadback wrote

Lots of post on them but what do they cost

At the moment various prices, depends on what you want, what it does, who
you want to impress, will it be cost effective.

A "sports" luxury car costs an excessive amount, a small family hatchback
costs more than the equivalent petrol version.

They will have depreciation given the spending of battery life, but maybe
lower servicing costs as mechanically they have less bits to maintain.

Dont buy that given that most dont spend much on servicing with an ICE.

Also some of the computer technology is complex and some not really
serviceable by third parties,

Dont buy that either.

so a really used car may need to be recycled when it breaks.

Or that either.

Ultimately, personal ownership will fall. "Your new car" will actually be
gained under a rental agreement, servicing and support included.

Dont buy that either.

How is the government going to recover all the fuel tax, when the the
majority of vehicles are electric.

I don't feel right about Tesla handing out free supercharging to
customers. They should pay tax-in-kind on providing that benefit. In the
same vein that companies that supply free car parking (supermarkets), and
them that do free delivery (amazon) should also be taxed on the service.
Nothing is free.

The air we breath is still free.

It's time that the electorate had open access to discuss and amend
taxation, and transparency on rules and dodgy provided loopholes.

Not going to happen, it just isnt viable.

Ever seen Tolley's tax guide?

More people are going to live longer because of lower pollution and other
environmental effects,

Thats very arguable indeed.

so it is likely they can continue to work until the age of 75, pay more
income tax and not claim all the state pension they contributed for.

Then ...

We will eventually have tax/insurance per journey, our personal usage
tracked like it is with public transport.

Pointless, too much paperwork involved.

Same with taxing those who walk their dog more than
those who dont have any dog and dont bother to exercise.

Private ownership and servicing of vehicles will decline


- a rental subscription model is coming to allow access to the model of
self driving car you've signed up for.

Some will go that route, but most wont. Some
already use taxis and ubers etc but most wont.

If you want to enjoy your own driving skills, you'll have to do it on a
private track.... or do it in VR.

Bull****. We dont even do that with aircraft or boats.