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Default Electric vehicles

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On 17/04/2021 13:31, Steve Walker wrote:
I have the "choice" of car (20 minutes each way) or train/bus (1-1/2
to 2 hours each way ... allowing for them not connected to the times
I need to arrive and leave, connections between them, etc.) Not
using the car would simply mean having little time to get anything
done in the evening, to spend with my family or to go out. Life
would just turn into a constant round of getting up, going to work,
coming home, cooking and cleaning, going to bed ready to get up
early the next morning. That's no life.

Before cars, people simply lived on bus or train routes.

before cars

people lived within walking distance of work

Plenty didn‘t.

in the 1930s, a friend of my father used to fly himself from the Island of
Islay to Manchester since he had businesses in both places.

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