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Default OT: Plastic Igus Drylin bearings can be cut?

David Billington wrote:

John Doe wrote:

Can those be cut to make shorter?

I would think so. It's polymer plastic or whatever, plastic.

Igus do have quite a good technical help service in my experience on the
few occasions I have put queries to them. They also supply 3D printing
filament in various of their product formulations so you may be able to
use your 3D printer to print what you want.

Nice thought, I do have one, being able to print plastic parts is quite
cool. Someday, metal! But I would not be an early adopter...

Interesting that Igus makes filament. That's very neat. It suggests a
another use for suitable 3D printers.

Mine probably isn't accurate enough, but whatever. I will look at their