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On Thu, 25 Mar 2021 02:00:34 -0400, "John Grossbohlin"

My shop was all but completely outfitted about 15 years before I retired.
What I saw in my woodworkers club was guys retiring and then trying to
a shop, buy all the tools, and buy wood. Guess what... it was basically
late for many of them. They didn't have the discretionary income or the
skills to do much of anything. After seeing that happen numerous times I
decided to just do it!

Exactly. Right now I have plenty of money and no time. Shortly, I'll
have plenty of time and no money. ;-) The problem is that SWMBO will
have an infinite honeydo list.

I was going to retire a year ago but SWMBO had other ideas. That
timer ran out in October so I can leave at any time. Work is
interesting now so told the boss I'd finish the project I'm working
on. It's easy work. Covid has everyone working from home and he's in
Detroit anyway. We're on a phone call twice a week. I can deal with
such micro-management. ;-)

I think these are the last stationary tools that I'll need. I didn't
think I needed a jointer but looking at the lumber I've seen around, I
think it's going to be a must. The last, and not completely
necessary, stationary tools will be the DC.

I've used my shop as much for home renovation/improvement projects as I have
for fine woodworking projects. In fact, those home renovation/improvement
projects were often where I discovered I needed bigger and more powerful
tools. The upside of the home renovation/improvement projects make for
better justification for buying tools than do hobby woodworking projects.