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On Fri, 19 Mar 2021 14:26:36 -0400, "John Grossbohlin"

Back when I had a 6" jointer I was edge jointing some 16' stock (don't
recall if it was 2x6 or 2x8) and had the jointer standing up on end at one
point... the jointer wasn't big and heavy enough to cope with the leverage
the long boards exerted and I didn't have an outfeed stand set up. That
me to the DJ-20. That kind of stuff is why I have big stationary tools
now... the smaller stuff was too dangerous for the tasks I asked of them!

For me, it's go big or go home. I'm only going to get one chance to
buy a tool. It has to be what I'll want for the next 20 years (we can
all dream ;-).

When I bought them, the 6" jointer, contractor's saw, bench top router
table, and lunch box thickness planner seemed like they'd do everything I
needed. The reality is the projects I took on grew in complexity, size and
volume over time. Now it's an 8" jointer, 3 HP cabinet saw, 3 HP shaper,
and floor model planner... Started with an 18" bandsaw and added a 36"...
The only power shop tool I bought in the past decade was a power feeder. I
don't regret the evolution in my skills, projects or equipment.

Exactly. I've been through lesser tools and have only the one chance
to replace what I don't like and fill in what I don't have. I've been
replacing everything and buying new for a while but stepping up the
game preparing for retirement. A jointer and new DC are the last on
my list, I think. I could be convinced that the DC is good enough but
I'd feel much better about a HEPA DC.

Have you seen this?

Oneida has good stuff but there's no free lunch. Volume, pressure
difference, HP, pick two.

I just noticed, it is a 5HP DC. Wiring may be a problem. ;-)

Yeah, 240 volts. Seems odd that they use 3 small HP motors to develop 5
hp and require 240 volt on top of that.
And I don't quite understand. Many cyclone DC's separate the fine dust
from the larger dust. This does not seem to be the case with this unit.

240V isn't a problem. More than 20A is. I already have a 240V 20A
circuit dedicated to the DC (and another for everything else).

BTW Woodcraft/Jet is having a 10% sale now and free shipping. March
25-30. Might be a local thing since Woodcraft sent the sale to me via

Jet is on sale more than not (likewise Powermatic). I picked up
another Jet air cleaner for $299 (25% off) last weekend.

I think I prefer the Laguna DCs. I'm getting more interested in
exotics so am getting a little more paranoid about breathing dust so
I'd rather have a HEPA DC. The Jets are 1u and not a lot cheaper than
the Laguna 1u collectors.

The 8" helical jointer "Ships August 6, 2021". I have some time to
decide about that one, sale or not. ;-) The DC is the last on the
list of toys.

These are pretty odd and know nothing about them,

This DC has been out for a few years. One of the old timer YouTube'rs
got one and raved about it. But in the last year or two his video's
have shown a lot of dust on the floor. Not sure if he still has it or
just needed the space back. That thing is huge. And 240 volt. Stumpy
Nubbs, another YouTuber that seems to know what he is talking about
praises Harvey products in particular their band saws. But he is
probably on commission too.

Stumpy Nubbs is one of the better Youtubers but I always wonder about