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On Wed, 24 Mar 2021 00:28:03 -0400, "John Grossbohlin"


When I bought them, the 6" jointer, contractor's saw, bench top router
table, and lunch box thickness planner seemed like they'd do everything I
needed. The reality is the projects I took on grew in complexity, size and
volume over time. Now it's an 8" jointer, 3 HP cabinet saw, 3 HP shaper,
and floor model planner... Started with an 18" bandsaw and added a 36"...
The only power shop tool I bought in the past decade was a power feeder.
don't regret the evolution in my skills, projects or equipment.

Exactly. I've been through lesser tools and have only the one chance
to replace what I don't like and fill in what I don't have. I've been
replacing everything and buying new for a while but stepping up the
game preparing for retirement. A jointer and new DC are the last on
my list, I think. I could be convinced that the DC is good enough but
I'd feel much better about a HEPA DC.

I had a Crapsman RAS that hadn't been used in 20 years (no longer
trusted it), so bought a Unisaur about 10 years ago. I've been very
happy with it. I've only had one bandsaw, an 18" I just bought. I
don't see growing out of that. I also don't see that I need a shaper
but have looked into the idea. Cutters are just too expensive and add
too much to the cost. For a planer I *think* a Dewalt 13" lunchbox
(DC735) and a drum sander will be enough. The CFO will only go so far.

I kept an eye out for good deals on stationary tools and when I saw one I
bought it... I always made sure I had cash available to jump on deals at a
moments notice. For example, when Woodworkers Warehouse folded I picked up
a Jet 3 HP cabinet saw with a 50" XActa fence, mobile base and out feed
table for about $950 including tax. That was about half of what they were
going for at the time. I grabbed a bigger dust collector too. My new out
of pocket for that stuff was a few hundred dollars after I sold my Jet
contractors saw and old dust collector. I grabbed a couple sets of cope and
stick, and other shaper cutters for pennies on the dollar also.

I found the 3 HP shaper on Craigslist. A guy bought it to make picture
frames as a compliment to his wife's photography business. There was a whole
bunch of tooling included also. He set it up, played with it a little and
never used it. I had a 1 1/2 HP Jet floor model shaper that I sold for as
much as I paid for the 3 HP shaper. My out of pocket for that was gas and
time. Like with the jointer I found I was trying to work with stock and
cutters that were really too big for the small table on the 1 1/2 HP shaper.
It's a tool that when I need it I need it... I suspect it's something most
guys would ever need.

My shop was all but completely outfitted about 15 years before I retired.
What I saw in my woodworkers club was guys retiring and then trying to build
a shop, buy all the tools, and buy wood. Guess what... it was basically too
late for many of them. They didn't have the discretionary income or the
skills to do much of anything. After seeing that happen numerous times I
decided to just do it!