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Default Any idea how to cut an ostrich egg in half?

It was a J O K E



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Brian Gaff (Sofa) wrote:
Yes I was thinking that.
I'm not sure where you would get either egg these days anyway.
You might need to shell out a lot for an Eggcelent cutting tool

The eggs are available, because there are small hobby farms keeping
exotic birds.

"McIntosh sold 100 eggs two years ago and 60 last year.

He cautions buyers that opening the thicker shell requires a drill or
a hammer.

He also sells steaks, pepperettes and lean ground meat that tastes
like beef."

"In the early to mid 1990s, over 300 Ontario farmers switched
production from
conventional livestock into ratites, a category that includes emus,
ostriches, and rhea."

And the market bubble is why there aren't a lot today.

I'm surprised there's no description of "drumsticks". Think
how large a drumstick would be. Yum!


It would be easier, to just print an egg-shaped item on
a 3D printer, use a filament which is paint-able with
acrylic paint, and make the Faberge egg that way.