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Default Write Erase Boards

I have been using a write eras board behind me in my office to keep
track of custom and stock jobs. The board is full so I decided to
replace it with two separate boards with a magnetic backer to better
keep track of jobs.

I have to put up two new jobs boards. A longer one just for custom work
(the old one is full), and a separate one for stock design cuts. I
painted lines and titles on them yesterday. (I also placed a new
milling machine yesterday.) Today they will get hung up in my office. I
currently have a single jobs board with custom work on one side and
stock cuts on the other. Its full and there are jobs not yet on the
board. I have to admit I miss the old 4x8 jobs board I had in my office
on Ave C. I also went with magnetic boards this time so I can just move
the marker to the next job on the board instead of having to rewrite it
periodically. I am at 14-16 weeks prepaid custom work right now.

Ok, this is your opportunity to laugh, shake your head, and be
judgmental. Those dry erase jobs boards I painted yesterday had
protective plastic film on them. All my lines and labeling peeled right

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