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On 3/17/2021 4:42 PM, wrote:
On Wed, 17 Mar 2021 11:09:04 -0500, Leon lcb11211@swbelldotnet


BTW, the "mobility kit" for the lathe was $500. Yes, halfa-grand!
It's a little heavy to move. It is a wonder to behold though. A
marvel of over-engineering.

The crappy kit for the bandsaw was $150, IIRC. It works but the rear
wheels and axle are really cheezy for that kind of money.

I have a hoist fixed in one spot so after assembly everything has to
move into its place. I'm alone and not about to lift these things
without some serious mechanical advantage.

My house is built with "engineered" beams so won't take anything
heavier than a light fixture hanging from them. I had to find
somewhere that wires didn't interfere too badly and build a beam
between walls at that spot to support a hoist. That spot is right
behind my saw so everything moves.

BTW, I used the Sagulator to design the beam(s). .25" deflection at
1000lbs, center concentrated, between walls 13' apart.

Did you use the LFAS method? ;~)

I was considering the 2 swivel but decided that maneuvering with 4
swivels means I can move it in any direction to park, parallel or
perpendicular to a fixed wall or object.

Yes, but I think that one had just hit the market so they were blowing
out the older ones for $50. I thought I could live with it.