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Default Any can know how to fix Pioneer SX-700T call this number 0728398967

On Tuesday, July 7, 2020 at 8:43:08 PM UTC-4, wrote:
**I wanna fix my car, but I don't know anything about engines and
gearboxes. Maybe I can ask some random people on the internet?

Sounds reasonable. :-)

I tried to get a print for that thing on Hifiegine and it redirected me to some really frigged up site.

HA, reminds me, my buddy Jack sold a car many years ago. Soon the guy calls and says it doesn't run. Jack says "Hmm, well as far as I knew it was in good condition, is there gas in it ?".

He says "Gas ?".

You know there are people who would like to have a real mechanic drive their car to see if anything is wrong. But that is not the situation here. They better not ask me, I'll rip the tread right off the tires. Tires are not cheap anymore.

How about a description of the problem ? Is that too much to ask ? If so just change all the capacitors with really expensive ones, don't even check them, just change them and hope for the best.

The thing most likely has the standard amplifier circuit which usually poses no problem. However it could need real troubleshooting.

Just ship it here to Ohio and I'll do it for a small fee, and then probably fix it. But I would guess that round trip shipping would be
like $200 or more. That is if you are closeby, if you are i Cali****ingfornia it will of course be more. Some truck drivers get almost
double pay to go there. They also get better money for going to New England. And NYC, they can live well for a month for one trip there.

People hate urban areas like all that, though. The idea is to stay out in the hills and shake down family and friends for any extra cash.