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Default Single Phase Pulse

"Paul Drahn" wrote in message ...

On 2/2/2021 10:20 AM, Bob La Londe wrote:
My bigger import lathe is not bad. I can dial stuff in by hand to about
3 tenths. The problem is under power the indicator needle turns into a
blur about 1.5-2 thousandths wide. For 99% of what I do that is fine,
but that other 1% is growing. Is the only answer to install a 3 phase
motor? I'm not completely against it, but its a bit of a job to move
the lathe, swap the motor, and reconfigure the controls. Not something
I can do in an afternoon.

Are sure the problem is the motor and not the gears driving the spindle?


The motor may be the easiest potential cause to confirm or eliminate.