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Default Reviewing a cheap CRT degaussing wand

In article ,

** Correct = ALL crt colour TVs and monitors have automatic degaussing at switch on.
Most monitors have user operated de-gaussing as well.

TV techs may need a de-gausser for that rare event you mentioned .

Maybe many do not know the soldering gun could be used.

** Such guns are getting hard to find.
Demand is so low, few wholesalers stock them.

Except for the shops that restore old devices with CRTs in them I doubt
that very many shops even work on the CRT units. You can buy some of
the newer LCDs for what it would cost for many shops to look at the
older sets of the same size screens. I am not sure if any TV sets that
had the CRTs in them are even capabile of the new format of the TV
signals with out a converter.

I do know of one man and wife that still use the old set with the
satalite dish. To top it all off he was an electronics engineer with
the Bell and Western Electric system. He is 80 years old and somehow
seems to mostly be stuck in the years before transistors. He is a ham
radio operator and has much gear produced from about 1930 to 1970 and
can work on that with no problem.

Local wholesellers may not stock them,but there are plenty on the
internet. Even Home Depot has them for about $ 45. About 5 years ago I
bought just the replacement housing for a gun I have had over 50 years.
I had dropped it several times during that time and the last time
finished off the housing. As just a hobbiest I do not use one very
much, but do not see how I could get along with out one. I do use the
SMD rework hot air and small iron most of the time.

You did jog my memory. I remember monitors that had the degauss switch
on them. They probably put that on them as many of the computers did
have speakers with magnets close to the screen.