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Default What is it with Molex?

On Mon, 4 Jan 2021 21:43:00 -0800, John Robertson

On 2021/01/04 7:48 a.m., legg wrote:
On Thu, 31 Dec 2020 10:25:22 -0800, John Robertson

I'm seeing a number of EOLs on (for us) rather standard pins and plugs!

Digikey just sent me this:

Manufacturer MOLEX, LLC
Description CONN 22-30AWG CRIMP TIN
Manufacturer Part Number 0008500114
Digi-Key Part Number WM1114-ND
Customer Reference Number STOCK
Status End Of Life
Last Time Buy Date 06/21/2021

You'd think a 50 year old design would just keep going and going...we
use a lot of these in repairing arcade games!

John :-#(#

Molex has part numbers comming out of their ears.

Chack for similar parts with different mfring locations,
finish, base metal, insulation diameter range or type
of physical delivery (eg chain-feed).

digikey hasn't been particularly savvy when it comes to
old part number discontinue notices, recently. Could even
be a mfrs new catalog typo. Have seen same thing with
Amphenol - complete bull**** if you're just looking
for something that has form, fit and function.


The only version that is stretching past the EOL is the chain version of
the pin, and as I don't have an industrial cutter that is of little use
to me. There are clones made, but they are much poorer quality...

I ended up ordering 2500 pins from Mouser who had a better price and
also showed EOL ordering. That should last me a few years.

John :-#(#

At that volume, you could probably have ordered a chain reel.

I don't see an issue, as these parts are easily 'singulated'
with cutters. Better resale value and lower shrinkage, if
left on reel, in box etc.

I actually find chains easier to handle, count, kit and even
install manually, one at a time. Cut out a short chain with
right number of terminals, then cut each one as you apply it.