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Default Are Home Depot & B&Q linked?

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charles wrote:
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The Natural Philosopher wrote:
On 29/12/2020 13:40, charles wrote:
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Murmansk wrote:
I was in Florida last Christmas and went to a few branches of Home Depot
- I couldn't help noticing they were very similar to B&Q but I felt they
were a lot better.

I had similar feelings about Bunnings when I went to New Zealand -
similar but a good deal better

Bunnings bought Homebase in the UK for many millions of Pounds. They
stocked the stores with barbeques in December - which in in winter here.
They sold the business for, I think, 1

Whoever is running it now has made a pretty decent fist of it. Its my
'go to' place for all sorts of odd D-I-Y home and garden things whereas
I find B & Q a bit tacky...

Sadly my nearest branch closed - rent review, the next nearest is tacky.

There were two big DIY stores handy to here at Wandsworth Bridge - both
with decent car parks too. Homebase and B&Q. Both now rubble, waiting to
be developed as even more 'luxury' apartments.

So now limited to Wickes, Toolstation and Screwfix. Or travel rather

Did try an online purchase from B&Q. Won't make that mistake again.

*A fool and his money can throw one hell of a party.

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