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Default Are Home Depot & B&Q linked?

On 29/12/2020 13:57, The Natural Philosopher wrote:
On 29/12/2020 13:40, charles wrote:
In article ,
¬*¬*¬* Murmansk wrote:
I was in Florida last Christmas and went¬* to a few branches of Home
- I couldn't help noticing they were very similar to B&Q but I felt they
were a lot better.

I had similar feelings about Bunnings when I went to New Zealand -
similar but a good deal better

Bunnings bought Homebase in the UK for many millions of Pounds. They
stocked the stores with barbeques in December - which in in winter here.
They sold the business for, I think, £1

Whoever is running it now has made a pretty decent fist of it. Its my
'go to' place for all sorts of odd D-I-Y home and garden things whereas
I find B & Q a bit tacky...

Homebase have closed around my way but when Bunnings were running it
they did have the BBQ on sale mid winter (Austrialian summer) and just
before it closed it must have had the world's total stock of Christmas
tat in January. Bunnings didn't really understand the UK market and
possibly what a poor reputation that Homebase had as a DIY shed based
business. About 2 minutes walk from where I used to work was a large
Homebase and during a lunch break I would take a walk to see what they
had. In nearly 100% of cases I would walk out and visit another rival
shed on the way home to purchase the same, or similar, items 30 to 50%

Even with their massive closing down sale discounts they were struggling
to match B&Q prices.

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