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Default lox vs. star head screw

On Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 7:15:31 AM UTC-7, Jack wrote:
On 10/17/2020 3:56 AM, v wrote:
which is better? which is less stripping? which gets more torq.?

IMNSHO, Philips are the best looking, and the best in a cabinet shop.
The reason I say best in a cabinet shop is because everyone has an array
of Philips head screwdrivers handy, all multi-knives have a Philips head
screw driver, and when a screw needs tightened or removed in the real
world, about everyone has a Philips screw driver handy, about no one has
a lox, Robertson or even torx driver handy. In addition, a quality
Philips screwdriver like that in my Swiss Army knife, will fit an
amazing variety of size screws, from large to tiny.

Alas, it fits them poorly. I've got Pozidrive, and a variety of Philips (sizes all different shaped)
and even Reed and Prince (Frearson) drivers (but no JIS set). The Philips are best supported by suppliers,
but the best crosspoint for fine woodwork is... Frearson. Try a bronze screw and Frearson tip
screwdriver some day; it has a firm fit and feels like one solid handle-to-tip item when you
drive the screw in.

I say bronze screw, because Frearson is used by boatbuilders for the fancy brightwork.