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Default Motion Detector senstitivty

On 5/24/2020 8:48 AM, wrote:
Ever since the quake a few years ago the motion detector switch by my front
hall has been too sensitive, causing me to use it manually.

I opened it to look for a sensitivty adjuser, no luck.

Am considering putting masking tape over the sensor to make it less
sensitive. Or to put a box around it (ie, wall it offon sides).

Other Ideas?

Maybe the quake caused a crack in my wall I can't see. I was squating when
the quake hit and fell on my face. Yes, in outer NYC. I have two other such
switches of the same make and age, no problem.

Most motion detectors use infrared temperature sensing to trigger. It
stabilizes on background temperatures. When a warm object moves into
it's range it senses the temperature rise and triggers the rest of the
circuit. Very doubtful your issue has anything to do with the
earthquake. Some not all have some kind of sensitivity adjustment.
More likely it is due to age more than anything.

Replace with a better model(one that has adj.)

Good Luck!!